Welcome to Changsing Junior High School

Welcome to Changsing Junior High School

Located at the intersection of Changhua City and Huatan Township, Changsing Junior High School was founded in 1997. Our campus, honored with an architect's design award, boasts of elegant Min-style architecture and is adorned by our landmark - the Octagonal Pavilion Library.

At Changsing, we are dedicated to fostering an optimal learning atmosphere that radiates warmth and tranquility. With our comprehensive facilities and committed faculty, we aim to instill a lifelong appreciation for education in our students.

Our Vision

We envision being a comprehensive hub for balanced education in five crucial areas. We emphasize moral cultivation and stay ahead of the times by encouraging students' diverse interests and skills. Changsing takes pride in being a frequent victor in various competitions, whether they're related to academics, arts, or sports.

Our Strengths-Three Pillars

International Maker Center: Our global self-making center fosters creativity and innovation.

Distinctive Spatial Aesthetics: Our school's unique architectural design enriches the learning environment.

Multi-language Art Center: We celebrate diversity and encourage multi-lingual proficiency.

Six Core Courses

Leading School: Recognized as a core school of the Ministry of Education's Leading School.

Digital Technology: Promoting AI education, endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

International Education: Comprehensive English courses taught by foreign teachers, along with the SIEP, SIA plan, and Enactus international video courses.

Astronomy Course: Fostering curiosity about the universe with our unique Astronomy courses and the Changsing Youth's Interest in Star-Chasing SMART LEARNING program.

Reading Changsing: A National Reading Rock Solid School, promoting festive reading, English listening morning reading, and other initiatives.

Aptitude Development: With 68 clubs, we cultivate students' diverse interests and skills.

Our Community

Our large, vibrant community consists of 54 classes with a total of 1,565 students, all nurtured and guided by our dedicated team of 135 faculty and staff members.

Come, be a part of the Changsing Junior High School experience and let's explore the world of knowledge together.












1. 前導學校: 我們被認定為教育部前導學校的核心學校。

2. 數位科技: 我們致力於推動AI教育,並獲得教育部的認可。

3. 國際教育: 我們提供由外籍教師授課的全英語課程,並實行SIEP、SIA計劃,以及Enactus國際視訊課程。

4. 天文課程: 我們獨特的天文課程和彰興少年追星趣SMART LEARNING計劃培養學生對宇宙的好奇心。

5. 欣閱彰興: 我們是全國閱讀磐石學校,推動節慶閱讀、英語晨讀等活動。

6. 適性發展: 我們設立了68個社團,以培養學生的多元興趣與技能。