Word of the Day 每日一字

In tee-ball, you hit the ball with a bat.在玩樂樂棒時,您使用球棒擊球。

To score a point in tee-ball, the runner has to get to the home plate. 要在樂樂棒的比賽中得分,跑者必須到達本壘。

Students love to play basketball during recess. 


A pick-up game is an on-the-spot game for basketball


The students grab the chips on the ground. 學生們抓起地上的籌碼。

The students count the chips to see how many points they have. 學生數籌碼看自己有多少點數。

The student cleans the pond. 這位學生正在清理池塘。

He picks up leaves from the surface of the pond. 他從池塘水面撿起落葉。

These students are jogging around the school grounds. 這些學生在校園內慢跑。

Jogging is a good form of exercise. 慢跑是一種很好的運動。

The students are using a homemade water filter. 學生們正在使用自製的濾水器。

A water filter cleans the water so you can drink it. 濾水器可以淨化水質讓人飲用。

These students are raking the grass. 這些學生正在耙草。

Raking the grass helps it to grow better. 耙草可以讓草長得更好。

These butterflies are an insect. 這些蝴蝶是昆蟲的一種。

Butterflies have six legs and many of them are beautiful. 蝴蝶有六隻腳,而且很多種蝴蝶非常漂亮。

The students are conducting an experiment. 學生們正在進行一項實驗。

The experiment uses equipment to look at light. 這實驗使用儀器設備來觀察光線。

The students are building robots


The students program their robots to perform a task. 


The school band practices on a regular basis. 


The band has woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. 


The students dance to the music. 


The students dance together in class. 


On April 23, World Book Day, a day to promote books and reading, is celebrated around the world. 


On World Book Day, the school organizes an event at the school library to promote reading. 


This girl is playing a musical instrument called a thumb piano. 


This thumb piano is portable, meaning you can easily bring it with you wherever you go. 


The school staff is at the temple to pray


The staff prays for good luck for their students on their exams. 


A puzzle is a type of game, toy, or problem that you have to use your intelligence to solve. 


The students are trying to solve the Chinese Rings, a puzzle that has been around since ancient times.